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United Way Shakes Up Nonprofit World
Don’t ignore signs of dating and domestic abuse
YWCA Lancaster celebrates a triple crown
Stressed at college – schools want to help
Teens need to be taught about dating violence
Fewer homeless people in Lancaster County as housing first initiatives take effect
In the spotlight – Shayna Watson coordinates winter shelter
For nine women, a new beginning


Seminarians raise voices for racial justice

456 graudate at Millersville – Maureen Powers commencement speaker

Get ready fo rnew child protection laws

10 simple ways to help those in need this holiday season

More reporting of college sex assaults a good sign

Lancaster YWCA evacuated after fire call.

My Skin Color Means Nothing
Cartoon was hurtful
YWCA Lancaster event Saturday will celebrate future and remember past
College rape survivors have no easy path when seeking justice
A YWCA Homecoming

NCAA lifts Penn State bowl ban

A perilous time for college freshmen

Y-Teens invited to a club reunion

In the News – Board members welcomed

TechCamp for Girls

Rally Against Ruling

Critics – Ruling a blow to women’s rights

Are we so different

Schwartz visits YWCA

Experts Point to Red Flags at F&M

The House Within

Influx of food and shelter money boosts agencies here

Don’t Remain Silent

Cold blast jams shelters

Make a run for it

YWCA to host events for King Day

Lancaster YWCA leader to retire

Quote of the week – Maureen Powers

Dottie Sandusky also was groomed

New YWCA Support Group Geared to Young Survivors of Sexual Assault

Local runners map steps to encourage a strong Lancaster running community

Women’s pay here lags

No religious rights for corporations

Dedicated to Race Against Racism

Three views of gender pay gap


Dec. 3 – Billboard sends wrong message
Nov. 24 – Food-stamp budget proves challenging
Nov. 27 – Make a Difference
Nov. 29 – Empowering Millersville Students
Jan. 18 — Events for MLK Day Planned across county
Jan. 22 — Living his ‘Dream’ King’s life and speech reflected at Crispus Attucks, YWCA
Feb. 6 — Maureen Powers’ Letter to the Editor ‘Community responds to needs’ 
Feb. 8 — Summer Camp ad Lancaster Newspapers
March 20 — Women’s lower pay is much more than a choice
March 26 — Local YWCA asks you to uplift those healing from sexual abuse
April 1 — Marlene Jordan is at home with women in transition
April 22 — Runners, take your mark
April 28 — Justice is Swift_YWCA Lancaster Race Against Racism
May 29 — Horsing Around and Healing event to benefit RAINN
July 10 — YWCA Lancaster is requesting donations
Aug. 5 — The most magnificent resilient creatures on earth
Aug. 14 — County Community Foundation awards grants
Aug 27 – YW child-care center regains state approval
Sept. 19 – Labeling predators monsters unhelpful


Dec. 31 — YWCA seeks donations to seal leaky ceiling of winter shelter for the homeless
Dec. 31 — YWCA to hold Anti-Racism Analysis
Dec. 1 — Winter shelter open at YWCA

Nov 21. City OKs temporary shelter YWCA to open doors to women children
Nov. 13 — Cyber Charters gain students
Oct. 29 — New cyber school hub in city planned
Oct. 18 — Nick Miron is on a mission for racial and gender equality
Oct. 9 — County residents react to term given to Sandusky
Sept. 14 — Making money from nonprofits and helping them too
Aug. 16 — Crystals Mills is elected Board President of YWCA Lancaster
July 29 – Reauthorize Violence Against Women Act
July 25 – Why child abuse victims are reluctant to speak

July 19 – YWCA Converts Housing Units
July 9 – Merger for Planned Parenthood
June 14 – Homeless needs now answered by YWCA
June 8 – Several municipalities here make community parks tobacco free

May 28 – United Way lists recipients
April 23 – Rotary Club Presents Grants
April 11 – Race Against Racism makes strides for justice

April 11 – Seven nonprofits get $18,359
April 11 – Lancaster City parks to be tobacco free
April 1 – SAAM Becca Stevens Events – LNP
March 30 – Sexual Assault Awareness Month – LNP

March 29 – Sexual Assault Awareness Month – Engle
March 12 – Politics get personal
March 12 – Summer Camp Article
March 12 – Summer Camp Ad
March 12 – Summer Camp Tech Gyrls
Feb. 22 – SAPCC Training Session – Spring
Feb. 17 – Empowerment Program (New Choices) at YWCA faces cuts
Feb. 15 – Mountville asked to ban smoking
Feb. 2 – YWCA hosts holiday party for residents
Jan. 9 – Events to salute the life, legacy of King
Jan. 5 – Lancaster County Community Foundation Invests in YWCA Lancaster

Advertisers.All throughout Lancaster County 6-8-2011 Young Lungs At Play Signs
Intell-New Era 5-31-2011 Summer Arts Festival faces a leaner year (YWCA mentioned)
Intell-New Era 5-26-11 Corrections.Clarifications for United Way Allocations
Intell-New Era 5-25-2011 United Way gives $3.3 million locally
Sunday News 5-2-2011 Ethiopians capture Race Against Racism
Sunday News 4-24-2011 Who’s News.Nick Miron.Angela Trout
Lancaster Sunday News 4-17-11 Who’s News.Quote of the Week
Intell-New Era 4-19-11 Rotary Club of Lancaster Presidential Grants include YWCA
Intell-New Era 4-19-11 Letter to the Editors from Nick Miron, YWCA Lancaster Racial Justice Coordinator
Intell-New Era 4-18-11 Race Against Racism set for April 30
Intell-New Era 4-12-2011 Empty Places Exhibit at YWCA Lancaster
Sunday News 04-10-11 Who’s News Hires Announcement Lisa White_Deb Sims
Intell-New Era 4-5-2011 (YWCA) Road race a call to action – letter to the editors
Advertiser Millersville.Willow Street.Strasburg 4-6-2011 YWCA Summer Camp Ad
Advertisers.All throughout Lancaster County 4-6-2011 YWCA Sexual Assault Awareness Month Taking Back the Night
Lancaster County Magazine April 2011 Race Against Racism advertisement and events listing
Advertiser Millersville.New Holland 3-31-2011 YWCA Summer Camp Ad
Sunday News 03-13-2011 Soccer Tournament to Benefit SAPCC
March 9, 2011 YWCA Chief Program Officer Cheryl Gahring’s letter to the editor offering help to sexual assault victims
Sunday News 2-27-2011 Sweeter the Berry What’s Doing announcement
Intell-New Era 2-14-2011 Happy Valentine’s Day greeting from preschoolers at YWCA childcare center on N. Lime
January 18, 2011 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day project report
January 15, 2011 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day events at YWCA Lancaster

November 10, 2010 YWCA Empower Ring donor club purchase of homework stations for Childcare

November 7, 2010 woman2woman ‘Coming Soon’ announcement

November 5, 2010 woman2woman set Nov. 14

October 28, 2010 Maureen Powers’ letter to the editors – racist and sexist incidents during Oct 6 Manheim Farm Show Parade

October 6, 2010 YWCA forms group to focus on racism discussion

October 3, 2010 YWCA correction of Dr Morton’s Pennsylvania Academy of Music editorial in the Sunday News

October 2, 2010 Teen of the Week Helen Hutchens is a YWCA Big Sister

September 30, 2010 Racism Considered – YWCA will hold a free Study Circle discussion group

September 29, 2010 YWCA plans racism discussion

September 26, 2010 Sunday News Lancaster County Human Rights Commission rally

September 19, 2010 Sunday News Business Report:  A chill in the (nonprofit) air?

September 3, 2010  John Jascoll’s letter to the editors – PAM lawsuit will hurt other nonprofits

September 1, 2010 YWCA receives Sustainability Grant from Lancaster County Community Foundation

August 29, 2010 Lancaster Newspapers 2010 Readers’ Choice Awards to YWCA Lancaster

August 15, 2010 YWCA SAPCC Counseling Services Director Lisa White’s letter to the editor about assigning blame in domestic violence

August 4, 2010 YWCA to offer “Empower Ring”

July 28, 2010 YWCA Executive Director Maureen Powers’ letter to the editor about Caroline Steinman Nunan

July 21, 2010 YWCA Presents Annual Awards

July 2010 YWCA Spanish advertisement for the Pa. Family Support Alliance

July 7, 2010 Empower Ring donor club announcement

June 27, 2010 Woman2Woman seeks volunteers

June 18, 2010 Summer Arts Festival events at YWCA, June 18-24

June 17, 2010 YWCA presents citizen, volunteer awards

June 16, 2010 County to award community development grants

May 20, 2010 YWCA Assistant Executive Director Dot Evans’ letter to the editor denouncing racist comments in TalkBack online
May 20, 2010 YWCA Childcare Director Cheryl Gahring receives United Way Early Childhood Leadership Award
May 9, 2010 Mother’s Day feature quotes YWCA employee
April 30, 2010 Play it Safe, Childproofing Products – interview with YWCA Christelle Thaw-Bolton
April 25, 2010 YWCA 12th Annual Race Against Racism report
April 22, 2010 YWCA Race Against Racism proving its popularity
April 21, 2010 YW hosts Study Circle ‘Facing Racism’
April 18, 2010 YWCA’s child sexual abuse counseling services – Part 1
April 18, 2010 YWCA’s child sexual abuse counseling services – Part 2
April 8, 2010 YWCA Sexual Assault Awareness Month events
April 7, 2010 YWCA Race Against Racism Nitrauer Elementary Team preview
April 7, 2010 YWCA Race Against Racism preview
April 6, 2010 YWCA Race Against Racism Firefighters and Police trophy
April 2, 2010 YWCA Childcare Director Cheryl Gahring’s letter to the editor over state funding
April 2010 Central Penn Parent – Finding Diversity at Camp
April 2010 Central Penn Parent – Summer Camps Guide
February 21, 2010 Po’Girl Benefit Performance at PAM 
February 19, 201 PAM Benefit Concert for SAPCC
January 24, 2010 Quote of the Week from Conrad Moore, YWCA Racial Justice and Advocacy Trainer
January 19, 2010 YWCA King Day celebration