Empowerment Center

The YWCA Empowerment Center provides youth and the community with services and strategies to prevent sexual violence, teen pregnancy, school drop out, gender bias and racism.

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Empowerment Center Programs

The YWCA Empowerment Center has educators trained by the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape who can offer individual and series presentations. Topics can be customized to the needs of your group, and fees are flexible.

Personal Safety 

Elementary school ages

  • Defines age-appropriate personal boundaries.
  • Discusses different types of touches.
  • Empowers children and identifies adult allies


Healthy Relationships

Middle, High School & Adults

  • Defines harrassing behaviors.
  • Differentiates flirting from sexual harrassment.
  • Teaches healthy relationships.


Relationships & Dating Violence

High School, College freshment and Adults

  • Defines warning signs of dating violence.
  • Introduces dynamics of power and control.
  • Identifies the qualities of healthy relationships.


The Red Zone

High School to Adult

  • Defines warning signs of dating violence.
  • Introduces dynamics of power and control.
  • Identifies the qualities of healthy relationships.


Sexual Assault 101

High School to Adult

  • Defines rape and clarifies consent.
  • Examines cultural rape myths.
  • Introduces bystander prevention skills/men as allies.


Sexual Harrassment in the Workplace

High School to Adult


  • Defines sexual harrassment in the workplace.
  • Teaches proven techniques to respond appropriately.
  • Defines your rights and legal requirements.




Weekly Support Groups


Sisters Mentoring Program

Grades 1-5 & 9-12

Sisters is a mentoring program which strengthens how elementary school girls (Little Sisters) feel about themselves and the world around them.  We pair them with high school Big Sisters who serve as role models and friends.

The weekly program helps children avoid the pitfalls of teen pregnancy, alcohol and substance abuse, and dropping out of school. Sisters operates in several Lancaster County school districts. Little and Big Sisters are carefully chosen by school counselors, then interviewed and monitored by YWCA staff to ensure there’s a good match.

Girl Power

Grades 6-8

Girl Power is a program for adolescent girls aimed to ease the transition between the last year of elementary school and the first year of middle school.

The curriculum focuses on healthy relationships, social skills, academic growth and community involvement. Drug and alcohol prevention is also emphasized.

Girl power groups meet once a week during the school year.

Ages 9-13

2014 YWCA Lancaster TechGYRLS Empowerment Summer CampWGAL Meteorologist Drew Anderson with TechGYRLS 8-12-2011 DSC_2395
Full-day camp for two weeks, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday
$300 for the two week session

Four Sessions Offered:
June 16-27
July 7-18
July 21-Aug. 1
Aug. 4-15

For more information or to register, contact Lisa White at 717-393-1735, ext. 259.

YWCA TechGYRLS® is a YWCA of the USA hallmark program developed in 1997 in response to the widening gender gap in exposure to and interest in technology for girls.
YWCA TechGYRLS® goal is to broaden girls’ interests and to help them develop the confidence to use technology tools in whatever profession they pursue. The program raises girls’ interest, confidence, and competence in the crucial area of technology, while helping them develop critical thinking and problem solving skills. Through community service and leadership projects girls learn to use technology in ways that are both motivating and compelling to them.
TechGYRLS® offers a safe, girls-only environment for exploration and learning for girls in diverse communities.
TechGYRLS® learn that Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) are important and entertaining!



Racial Justice Empowerment Programs

Anti-bias Curriculum

Grades K-8

By early and middle childhood, children begin forming attitudes toward their own and other ethnic, cultural and socioeconomic groups.

The YWCA Anti-Bias Curriculum is a 5-session school-based program designed to educate students in breaking the cycle of prejudice, hate and racism at their most impressionable age.

Click here to go to the Racial Justice Initiatives page to see more of our Racial Justice programs.


Further information about our empowerment center services can be found in the Empowerment Center Brochure.