Hallmark Programs

hallmark initiatives of the ywca
Racial Justice and Women’s Economic Advancement
There are many approaches employed by YWCAs nationwide to carry out our bold, dual-pronged mission of eliminating racism and empowering women, but two very specific priorities are present in all local Associations: our YWCA Hallmarks of Racial Justice and Women’s Economic Advancement. These are the common threads that unite YWCAs across the country, they reflect our strategic purpose, and they serve as a YWCA distinction.
At YWCA Lancaster, we employ several programs that carry our our mission of eliminating racism and empowering women.

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Racial Justice
YWCA Lancaster offers numerous programs that advance our mission of eliminating racism through Racial Justice Institute, Annual Day of Commitment, Anti-Bias Curriculum, Study Circles and customized trainings. For more information about our racial justice initiatives, see your Racial Justice Page.
Women’s Economic Empowerment

Economic empowerment of women is key to self-sufficiency, self-esteeem and ending the cycle of welfare. For instance, our residence program works with women who are homeless or in transition with financial planning, budgeting and life skills that equip them for a productive life once they leave our residence program.

TechGYRLS is a Hallmark Program of YWCA geared to getting girls, ages 9 to 12, excited about non-traditional careers for women — technology, math, science and the trades. Girls have an opportunity to explore a variety of career fields in carpentry, plumbing, computers and more. The girls also participate in programs that focus on team building, self awareness/self esteem, workplace skills and business etiquette. See our Empowerment Center page for more information.